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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad Using iWASEL VPN

Aug. 31, 2015, 10:56 a.m.

BBC iPlayer: commonly shortened to iPlayer, is an internet television and radio service and software application, developed by the BBC to extend its former RealPlayer-based and other streamed video clip content to include whole TV shows. iPlayer is mainly aimed at letting UK users ‘catch-up’ with the last 7 days of programming and it is also possible to watch or listen to live broadcasts on it.

Over the past 5 years, iPlayer has become one of the most desirable internet media streaming services around, which is compounded by the fact that for UK residents the service is absolutely free.  Although BBC Radio shows are available everywhere in the world through iPlayer, the full television service is only available to those with a UK IP address.

Many individuals who travel outside the UK and try to get access to video loading solutions, such as iPlayer, which they regularly use at home, would not be able to because its use is limited to UK. Finding a UK VPN service can help them use the web solutions that they would be using if they were at home.

Best solution to unblock BBC iPlayer abroad is to use iWASEL VPN service that provides a UK based server. In that way you'll get a UK IP address which means that you changed your location to the UK

All you need to do is download VPN iWASEL, install it and connect to UK server.

If you would like to use iWASEL VPN on iPad/ iPhone, follow the steps in this link:

If you would like to use iWASEL VPN on Android tablets and smartphones, follow the steps in this link:

Just make sure you're using the server address (

Before using iWASEL UK VPN, you'll get this message:

After using iWASEL UK VPN, you will be able to watch any BBC iPlayer content abroad